Coming to the decision and realization that your marriage is over is a difficult one. Coming to that decision when children are involved can seem overwhelming. While having a great attorney to fight for you is important, putting your children first is just as important.

What they need from you

Though it is sometimes hard for children to express their feelings in a constructive way, here is a generalized list of some of the things kids need from you:

  • Tell them the truth. Make it simple yet honest. They don’t necessarily need ALL of the details, but they do deserve an explanation. “We just don’t get along anymore.” It’s simple, but gets the point across.
  • Avoid blaming. Don’t turn this into a “he said/she said” situation. Blaming your spouse in front of your children is never a good idea.
  • Be age-aware. The younger the children, the more simplistic your answers and explanations need to be. While older children may ask more pointed questions, all of the details don’t need to be discussed.
  • Say, “I love you”. Though this may sound simple, they need to be reassured that your love for them hasn’t changed.
  • Present a united front. If at all possible, presenting a united front is needed. Disagreeing with each other in front of the kids is destructive. They need to know that the two of you are still a team when it comes to raising them.

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