As the calendar turns to a new year, our thoughts turn to new beginnings, setting new goals and revisiting old ones. Topics like health, exercise and financial reviews are often part of the process.   One element of the new year life review that may get overlooked is creating or updating our estate plans.  While maybe not on the top of everyone’s mind, having an estate plan in place and knowing our loved ones are taken care of and our wishes will be honored can give us as much peace of mind as taking care of our physical and fiscal health. As we go through life, our circumstances and wishes change and it’s important give thought to having our estate planning keep up with us.   Basic and complex plans both benefit from an annual review.  Common life changes that warrant revision of our estate plan include the following:

 1.The Birth of a Child

2. Marriage

2. Remarriage

3. Divorce

4. The Death of a Beneficiary

5. Illness or Disability

6. Substantial Increase in Assets or Income

7. Move to Another State

8. Changes in the Law

 Thinking about who will inherit your property, naming a personal representative to carry out our wishes, choosing a guardian for our children who are under 18 in the unlikely but possible event you and your child’s other parent are unable to care for them as well as choosing someone to manage the property that may be left to your minor children until the child reaches an age where they can manage it themselves are all elements of a basic estate plan.  

 Help your family prepare beyond 2017 by ensuring that all aspects of your family’s future are covered with a comprehensive estate plan review.

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