When two people are considering marriage the last thing they want to think, is that it all could end, but in today’s current marriage climate sadly more marriages fail then succeed. Anyone who has gotten married knows a wedding can be very costly, but so can a divorce. One way to ease the pain of a divorce, is to consider a step that takes place before the wedding ceremony even happens and that is a prenuptial agreement.  A prenuptial agreement is defined as “an agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage fail.”A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract made by the couple and in the prenup the couple can address issues such as the property brought into the marriage by each person and any property that is acquired during the marriage and, what should be done with all should there be a divorce.

Gone are the days when prenups were only for the rich and famous. They can actually be very inexpensive and easy to get. If you and your future spouse plan on owning property together or one of you is going to stay home with the kids or if one of you currently makes more money than the other, you may want a prenup. When a couple is just starting out there life together, a prenup can help outline not only financial responsibilities should there be a divorce, but they can also put into writing the expectations of each person as far as the behaviors during the marriage.

Most people think of cheating clause when it comes to prenups, but they really can cover so much more than that. One such example would be keeping debt separated, so that one partner it not hindered by there partners debt that occurred before the marriage or even outlining a plan for debt occurred by both people during the marriage can make divorcing easier and save money.

A prenup has many benefits to both parties involved and can help ease the stress if a divorce is ever needed. In today’s society, a prenup is not as taboo as is use to be, and is something that can and should be talked about openly and we are here to help with that discussion. Kayne West may have said it best when he sang the line “We want prenup!,”

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