You have come to the difficult decision that your marriage is over. You need to find an attorney that is going to represent YOUR best interests and fight for YOU. You may wonder what is going to happen at that first meeting. You want to be as prepared as possible! Here is a good list of things you should bring with you and topics you may be prepared to discuss.

  • Assemble as many of your financial records as possible. Earnings statements. Past years taxes. Everyday expenses. The more records you have, the better financial picture we can paint.
  • Obtain any past signed documents pertaining to your marriage. Did you sign a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement? Make sure to bring it.
  • Other documentation. Have you already been served divorce papers by your spouse? Bring those, too.
  • Be prepared to write a check. Some attorneys will have you pay a retainer fee up front. This is like a down payment to “retain” his/her services.
  • Be ready to discuss everything. Being open and honest with your attorney is vital. You will need to be ready to discuss custody or minor children, child support, possible alimony, and division of property and debts, just to name a few.

Ending a marriage is never easy. Our goal at Daniels & McAvoy, S.C. is to make it as easy as possible for you. We are here to listen and support you through this difficult and stressful time.



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