Thinking about selling your home? Maybe you are starting your own business and are ready to purchase a commercial property. While both of these scenarios can be very exciting, they can be very stressful as well. How do you know what your rights are? What does all of that fine print mean? Let us help you muddle through all of the technical terminology and figure out what you are really signing!

real estate and propertyAlready a property owner and thinking about renting it out? We can help you put together lease agreements that protect you! Issues with your tenants? We can help with those, too.

Daniels & McAvoy can assist you with various issues involving real estate and property law. We are here to provide you with competent and professional legal services at an affordable rate! Your first consultation is always free!

Our services include the following:

  •         Purchase and sale of land
  •         Contract preparation, interpretation, and enforcement
  •         Landlord/tenant issues
  •         Preparation of purchase agreements, bills of sale, and deeds
  •         Land contracts
  •         Commercial and retail lease preparation, interpretation, and enforcement
  •         Tax ramifications (income, estate, gift)
  •         Closings
  •         Municipal law
  •         Zoning, variances, non-conforming uses, and conditional uses
  •         Land Use law
  •         Covenants and restrictions
  •         Land acquisitions and development
  •         Offers to purchase and sell
  •         Litigation
  •         Construction liens and projects
  •         Environmental concerns
  •         Assistance with troubled land or real estate projects



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